This is our 20th anniversary!

We started in 1997 with a few wetland scientists who wanted to have an organization to promote the science and advancements of wetland research in Connecticut.  They met, discussed topics, came up with a name, established Bylaws and held its first meeting.  Annual meetings have been held ever since.  The Annual Meetings are a forum for the exchange of ideas and information of current topics.   This year's meeting was attended by nearly 200 people.

Since 1997 we have:

  • Created a Vernal Pool Monitoring program to help understand how pool-breeding amphibians respond to varying levels of development,

  • Created a Water Quality Database which is a searchable database of nearly 30,000 records from over 250 waterbodies throughout the state,

  • We award two annual $1,000 grants,

  • Organized numerous field events and talks, and

  • Held Annual Meetings to desseminate current research, regulatory changes and general information on wetland science.

CAWS counts on volunteers to keep it running.  If you would like to help, please contact us at


We just held our Annual Meeting on March 9th.  Thank you to all our presenters that shared your knowledge, to our vendors who show us their latest products and services and to the approximate 200 people who attended.  All of you made it another very successful event!


Congratulations to Mary Donato and Kayleigh Granville from UCONN!  They are the co-recipients of the Dr. Michael Lefor Wetland Science Research Grant.  Mary's research is titled "The Effect of Salt Water Intrusion on Wetland Carbon Emissions".  Kayleigh's research is "How Does Sea Level Rise Affect Coastal Wetland Nitrogen Cycling?"  We wish them well on their research and look forward to their presentation at next year's meeting.

Congratlulations also to the North Brandford Land Conservation Trust.  They have been awarded the Les Mehrhoff Plant Biodiversity Presentation Grant for their invasive species control program on their Clinton Road property.

If you are interested in applying for next year's grants, please see the respective web pages for more information.